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Generic zpos property patches posted

Benjamin Gaignard posted  version 5 of his zpos per plane property patches to the dri-devel and linaro-mm-sig lists.

The patch history includes:

version 5:
rebased on drm-next where Documentation/DocBook/gpu.tmpl doesn’t
exist anymore.
rework sti patch because some plane functions have changed since v4

version 4:
make sure that normalized zpos value is stay in the defined property
range and warn user if not.
Fix NULL pointer bug in rcar-du while setting zpos value.
No changes in the other drivers.

version 3:
use kmalloc_array instead of kmalloc.
Correct normalize_zpos computation (comeback to Mareck original code)

version 2:
add a zpos property into drm_plane structure to simplify code.
This allow to get/set zpos value in core and not in drivers code.
Fix various remarks.

version 1:
refactor Marek’s patches to have per plane zpos property instead of only
one in core.

The patches can be found at : http://www.spinics.net/lists/dri-devel/msg112347.html