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Recent AOSP HiKey Improvements

Reposting from John Stultz’ G+ page:

HDMI audio support has finally been added! Big kudos to Andy Green for the initial driver and +Vishal Bhoj for the Audio HAL.

+Haojian Zhuang got abootimg support working in UEFI, so the default build will now just produce a boot.img file which can be flashed to the boot partition (just remember to re-flash the fastboot partition first!). This is more in-line with other Nexus devices and avoids having a fat based boot partition. But don’t fret grub fans, the fat boot partition and grub can still be built/used (just set TARGET_BOOTIMAGE_USE_FAT=true when building). Flash either and it will just work.

The last remaining issue preventing suspend/resume from functioning properly were worked out, so that is now enabled and working!

Dmitry added fiq_debugger* support! So sending brk on the serial port will drop you into an interactive debugger that doesn’t stop the device from running.
* – Well, we’re not doing FIQ bouncing from secure mode yet, so its really just an irq_debugger right now 🙂

The kernel was updated to latest v4.4.12 -stable release!

And of course, a number of smaller features have been added and quite a few bugs solved too.

On the upstream front, a bunch of great work from +Guodong Xu+Xinliang Liu+Zhangfei Gao, and +Leo Yan landed in 4.7-rc1, so you can now boot HiKey to a shell with the vanilla kernel, and usb and uSD are working too. We’re also pushing to get a number of features merged this cycle, so hopefully things will be shrinking down further.

For more details on how to get started using HiKey with AOSP see:

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